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Hunter Boats - a boat manufacturer from Macierzysz

Hunter Boats is a manufacturer of various types of fishing boats, recreational boats and houseboats. The company offers customised designs, according to the client's needs. We boast 65 years of experience in the metalwork industry. We are passionate about our work and manufacture our boats based on proven Australian designs. What drives us is our love for the sea and sailing. Our products are inspired by the beauty of Scandinavia and its style. If you would like to find out more, feel free to contact our specialists. We will be happy to offer you advice.


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We have designed four boat models. Three of them are typical fishing boats. We also manufacture houseboats. We can customise all designs according to individual preferences and needs of our clients. We guarantee high quality, reliability and original design.

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Is a house on water what you dream of? Make your dream come true! We will design a houseboat for you, which will surely stand out. These types of boats have multiple rooms that can be adapted to individual needs. Our houseboats come with:

  • living room,
  • kitchenette,
  • bathroom,
  • bedroom.

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łódź model f-385

model f-385



A boat model designed for inland waters. Practically unsinkable. Made of aluminium, space at the bottom filled with extruded polystyrene. Model F-385 is extremely stable. Even with a load up to 300kg you don't have to worry about capsizing. Dimensions:

  • width: 160 cm,
  • length: 385 cm,
  • weight: 155 kg,
  • load capacity: 479 kg.

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łódź model bf-560

model bf-560



A boat model designed for open waters, made of marine grade PA13 aluminium. With reinforced bottom and high sides. Dimensions:

  • weight: 660 kg,
  • width: 225 cm,
  • length: 560 cm,
  • load capacity: 650 kg.

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łódź model bf-585

Model bf-585



A boat model designed for recreational use or fishing. With a water jet propulsion system. Currently in the design phase (a prototype has already been completed). The product is expected to be launched in May 2022.

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Hunter Boats always offers the highest quality. Our products have all the necessary certificates. For our projects, we use marine grade aluminium, which is the optimal material on the market for this type of products.



We offer an interesting design inspired mainly by the Scandinavian style. Boring, run-of-the-mill boats are not for us. We take utmost care to give our products an attractive and elegant look.



We boast 65 years of experience in the metalwork industry. Our team is made up solely of specialists in the field and all products are subjected to strict quality control.