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Category: Boat production

A model designed for coastal and bay waters. With perfectly profiled, reinforced bottom and high sides. Very durable, with a robust structure weighing 660 kg. Just like in our other projects, the bottom is filled with non-absorbent extruded polystyrene, which prevents the boat from sinking even if the hull breaks.


BF-560 is made of PA13 aluminium, which is very durable and water-resistant.


Boat dimensions Charakterystyka
Width: 225 cm equipped with a storage box for live fish, a canopy and an anchor with a winch
Length: 560 cm equipped with a stern ladder, a set of rails and fishing rod holders
Weight: 660 kg chequer plate deck
Load capacity: 650 kg  


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You can choose the colour of paint for the boat. Contact us to discuss the project.